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Country Profiling

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Country Profiling

Knowing a country, its system and policies is imperative when undertaking any operations within it. Our country reports include the following data:

  • Country profile and political system, including political stability and membership in international organizations

  • Tax regulations

  • Market regulatory policies per sector

  • Legal system and litigation constrains

  • Corruption and financial crime analysis

  • Description of the media landscape, whether the media is free, or controlled by the government and interest groups

  • The reports include both open-source, as well as human intelligence investigations.

Political Risk Monitoring & Consultancy

Knowing the political system of a country, its specifics and corruption levels is imperative for conducting business locally. It is useful to know what to expect from the political establishment and whether the local circumstances may evoke dilemmas and issues of concern, such as the influence of politics in endangering fair competition, or whether procurement tenders tend to be rigged. Especially in emerging markets, such issues have high significance for potential investors and entrepreneurs intending to conduct business.

Our political risk monitoring and consulting reports include the following elements:

  • Mapping the political system of the country, in terms of who the power stakeholders are, what the local political culture is like and what the relations between political and business elites are like.

  • Measure the corruption level

  • Research any instances of possible tender rigging

  • Measure the enforcement of fair competition rules

  • What the country-specific regulations are

  • International and local anti-corruption and AML consultancy

  • Set-up compliance guidelines and strategies

  • The reports include both open-source, as well as human intelligence investigations.

Market Entry Due Diligence

Our market entry services help our clients comprehend a local market per sector. We screen the specific sector of the target country and address the following aspects:

  • Local regulations concerning the sector.

  • Mapping the sector-related risks, including political influence, monopolistic and oligopolistic tendencies.

  • Integrity and reputational screening of the key companies, groups and individuals in the sector

  • The reports include both open-source and human intelligence investigations.

  • Creating how-to guidelines for setting-up businesses in the countries (registrations and licenses)

  • Setting-up reaction plans in case risks are encountered.

  • Supply chain due diligence.

Human Rights Due Diligence

Under human rights due diligence, we examine whether companies, in the relations with their employees, comply with local and international human rights-related legislature. We undertake targeted open-source and discreet human intelligence research through our local experts, in order to identify any issues concerning human rights breaches, such as labour issues, mobbing, discrimination and similar. Human rights issues may have an impact on business as breaches may lead to reputational issues, ethical hazards, regulatory sanctions and litigation.

While undertaking targeted research, we also present the country specific human rights legal systems and protection mechanisms in our reports, focusing on the following specific aspects:

  • What the country-specific human rights protection legal system is like, and whether any identified breaches are covered by it.

  • What international human rights protection conventions are ratified by the specific country and whether they have legal supremacy over local laws?

  • Country-specific human rights protection indexes – are the countries known for human rights issues?

  • Check the availability of code of conducts and their application.

  • The reports include both open-source, as well as human intelligence investigations.

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