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Integrity and Reputation Due Diligence

This is our most far-reaching product. It encompasses comprehensive research into businesses and individuals. Our integrity and reputation due diligence reports entail the following elements:

  • Retrieval of corporate records through trade registers and other applicable sources in order to identify the ownership structure of a company (including, where possible, the ultimate beneficiary owners), line of business, management, corporate structure and history.

  • Directorship checks for individuals through official and other sources.

  • Research of official state databases in order to identify any litigation, regulatory, debt and bankruptcy issues of concern.

  • PEP, sanctions, AML, risk compliance and watch lists screening

  • Local and English-language press and online media research, including social media, in order to gain an understanding of the counterparty background and reputation as well as to identify integrity or reputational issues.

  • Discreet human intelligence investigation, where we engage our network of industry experts, journalists and business insiders in order to identify information about the counterparty’s reputation, modus operandi, habits, hobbies, etc. as well as to identify any integrity and reputational issues, otherwise not appearing in the public domain.

Employment and Education Due Diligence

With the rising trend for self-proclaimed professionals to present falsified information regarding their previous employment and education background, it is not rare that the wrong person is hired, which may cause serious negative impact on a business. In several emerging markets which deal with employment along party lines and nepotism, party activists are pushed to project positions at international organizations´ representative offices, causing indirect and illegal funding of political parties. In order to avoid such risks, we aid our clients through the following activities:

  • Verification of the employment history directly with the employers

  • Verification of the education and certification data with the respective academic institutions

  • Open-source and human intelligence investigations in order to identify any potential risks and political party membership

Corporate Structure and Stakeholders Mapping

When observing most corporate structures, the relations between group companies seem extremely unclear, and the ultimate beneficiary owner (UBO) is rarely known. For that purpose, we aid our clients in researching the structures of corporations and mapping the relations between subsidiaries, associated companies, parent companies and stakeholders.

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