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Prometheus Investigation & Intelligence is an initiative of year-long experts with extensive experience in the due diligence sector established in Cyprus in 2018. We are a boutique firm, taking advantage of our experience and global network of due diligence analysts, anti-money laundry experts, journalists, financial and political experts, private investigators and lawyers to provide our Clients with top quality services. Our team comprises of individuals from various disciplines and professional backgrounds, who joined forces to establish a new, innovative and interdisciplinary approach in providing due diligence services and solutions, especially concerning KYC and AML investigations. We take pride in being innovators in due reporting standards.

Typing on a Computer
Typing on a Computer

Why Prometheus?

Instead of building an in-house “army” of analysts and experts, Prometheus Investigation and Intelligence’s structure is a matrix, a global web of local experts. We strive to provide our Clients with in-country support, working with local experts from the due diligence field, licensed and vetted private investigators, lawyers, and other local experts from various fields and industries. Thus, we can guarantee our Clients that they will always receive the highest quality and best possible service, as well as locally sourced intelligence and data.

At Prometheus, apart from just checking and reporting the raw data, we also analyse the findings taking into account the all of the gathered intelligence and put it in the local and regional context. Our analysis is not limited solely on counterparties in review; it provides a broader context on the markets, local legislation, political culture and social circumstances in order to aid our Clients in making better investment decisions.

We strive to provide superior quality services, opening new insights and points of view, as we strongly believe that the best efforts provided for our Clients create long-term relationships and satisfaction. Our reports provide the finest insights on what risks our clients may face with their partners or investments, local corruption levels, industry-specific challenges and country specific issues.

We treat each Client individually and tailor our services and products to each one by listening to their specific needs.

Modus Operandi

We gather open-source intelligence, respecting the local privacy laws and regulations and informing our Clients upfront of any and all limitations in a specific country regarding data accessibility and availability. In many countries, there is information that is considered as publicly accessible but is simply not available online and must be accessed locally.

We strongly advise our Clients not to limit their investigations simply to what is available publicly online but to conduct local physical checks, where possible and necessary, in order to ensure that no potentially vital information is overlooked.

In a world where businesses and entrepreneurs have an increasingly global or regional presence, apart from utilising all available local databases, our team also checks a vast array of secondary databases, data aggregators, deep web data sources, leaked information datasets, as well as global PEP, sanctions and watch lists. Where necessary, we advise our Clients to expand the scope of their research needs to cover local checks in additional jurisdictions.

Open-source investigations are often conducted along with human intelligence by having our local experts conduct interviews with informed local sources to obtain intelligence, insight or opinions – which cannot be found through public record research – about various matters that may be of interest to our Clients.

Every assignment – from a quick-turnaround KYC project to a long and complex asset investigation – is treated with the same level of attention to detail.

Working Together
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